Kaitlynn Jaeger - Portland, OR

Rocker 3 Ranch has such surprising beauty in every direction. From vast high desert views to the winding Deschutes River vantage points. The beauty of this part of Oregon can all be appreciated from the ranch! It is a great rustic wedding venue, a wonderful "drop-in" for river floating, camping and even rock climbing on the amazing 5-column rock formations overlooking the river!

Brian Grubbs - The Dalles, OR

Rocker 3 Ranch is a family, well managed, topnotch hunting and fishing property. My friends and colleagues have enjoyed 3 trips to this beautiful establishment and have already reserved our 4th trip for Fall 2017. The superior guides and helpful staff take great pride in meeting all of your needs. I highly recommend this World Class establishment for your next adventure and successful hunting experience, for an opportunity at a buck of a lifetime!

Louis Flannery - Sherwood, OR

As I hiked during my stay, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the amazing 5 sided rock formations of Dry Island, the sheer rock slab walls of Frog Springs and the fragrance of juniper and sage, as I made my way around the vast Rocker 3 Ranch. The Indian Head structure was virtually one of my most memorable photos. A hike of a life time!

Katie Jaeger - Eugene, OR

Love the fishing experience at Rocker 3 Ranch's many ponds, and the easy access to the Deschutes River! Fun time was had by all!

Irene Flannery - Sherwood, OR

It was a great experience to take my young grandchildren fishing, on one of the ponds near the Deschuttes River, located on the Rocker 3 Ranch. It was my grandson's first time fishing and he caught a "Whooper"! What fun!

Angela Schmidt - Newberg, OR

Every view from the ranch is breathtaking. Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson and the nine peaks appear in turn.After a short walk or four-wheeler ride to "the rim", you can see below to the Deschuttes River and beyond it to the Warm springs reservation ~ WOW! Loved my visit to the ranch and all that it had to offer! August 2015